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Brandon Hamric : that panning music is painful
XN L : thanks!
SevenDeMagnus : Cool. Thanks. What solvent is used to clean the insides of an LCD, like the substrates and that white deflector inside (also molds inside the LCD)? thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31

TFT / LCD Monitor - How it works! (3D Animation)
This short animation explains how LCD monitors (liquid crystal display monitors) work. LC technology is part of TFT monitors.
Snoergee : Wow, and we have 8k monitors! That's 33,3 MILLION pixels!
llwllmll : Kool mann
SevenDeMagnus : They still work as rasterization? Like scanlines? What is a bitmap monitor?
Aaron James : Seriously, how does someone even think to create this? I'm impressed with myself think to cut a paper towel roll in half to make a toilet paper substitute.
harvinder jeet Singh : Nicely explained with vivid 3D animation.
Carson Plays Minecraft : A) My mind has been blown away.
B) I love the way he explains this.
C) I believe that there are some smart people out there on this "YouTube" community and this guy is one of them!
Summertime Jay : This is freaking amazing and so is technology!
Antony Prasad : Those sub-pixels (RGB) are driven by TFT plane...
monica Zhang : Thanks . I am working for selling the TFT LCD Display now and it helps me to introduce my friends to know more about this product completely.
ABHISHEK S : Sir I have a question please reply—
Does this explanetion use CCFL for backlighting coz, modern TFT LCD display use different technology?

Arduino TFT LCD Touch Screen Tutorial ► Find more details, circuit schematics and source codes here.
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In this Arduino Tutorial we will learn how to use TFT LCD Touch Screen with Arduino.

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Music: Aduro by Jens Kiilstofte (
Rishi Patel : I like it
manwen qin : nice
Gurbanni Channel : Hlo sir I m from India . I just asking for a 12 volt 2 amp transformer se how can we make a battery charger
Pal Sih : I have only Arduino UNO R3. How can I connect it without using shield?
mar c : Crappy terrable type face
Raj : in what way it is related to touchscreen interfacing???
Kay Choudri : This is best explained tutorial. Well done.
FIX DIY : Loved it ❤️
KoolBreeze420 : I'm a bit confused here the Mega 2560 board has 3.3vdc and 5vdc output so why the shield it can't be because of power outage wait unless you mean where the screen plugs in doesn't have 3.3vdc output could you clarify, please? I was also wondering if you think it would be possible to take a touchscreen out of a phone if it would work with the Mega 2560 board and if so how would you do it? Basically, I'm poor and I do my best to recycle electronics back into useful things. Like this computer, I have at least a large part of it was built from harvesting parts from electronics recycling bins. I have 2 old Samsung cell phones and I was thinking that maybe I could pull these things out and use them for a screen for the Mega board which is how I landed here but this video is not what I was hoping it to be. If anyone has any thoughts or knows please let me know. One other thing I also have some old blackberry cellphones (the screens are not touch screen) they are nice screens could they be used?
Rahul Kumar : Awesome tutorial! however i am getting error "Error compiling for board Arduino Mega or Mega 2560." Do i need to change anything?




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