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Chubb Passport 360

MrShark141 : Hope you watched a current affair programme in Australia today.. Your name is Mud in Australia now.. My company was considering chubb insurance lol... With my networking I'll make sure chubb will be off my insurance list.. Absolutely disgusted with how they treated that guy tonight.. SHAMEFUL

Chubb Supports Pandemic Relief Efforts Globally

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chubb has been helping people and businesses in numerous ways around the world. Efforts today involve everything from direct assistance to our clients to $10 million in charitable donations for immediate pandemic relief. Recently, the company also added an employee matching gift program component.

In recognition of efforts universally and by Chubb specifically, the company is debuting a video telling the story of what help looks like during these unprecedented times.

International Women's Day/Women’s History Month - Veronique Brionne and Laura Schutrumpf

Chubb is hosting International Women's Day events by region throughout March, supported by an employee-led social media campaign and a series of new Chubb Signatures videos featuring female business leaders from around the globe talking to early-career women about their career highlights.

This video features Veronique Brionne, Country President of France, who was interviewed recently by Laura Schutrumpf, Terrorism Insurance Underwriter.
Romain Mamont : Thank you Chubb for not refunding my plane ticket. Covid 19 is not a refund condition.




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